Berkarat me

now i noe why some blogger dun often blog after they start to work!
got nth to nice to blog and share about!!
u just wanted to get to bed right after u step in the home
i dun hv any pic of my office coz im hesitate to take out my camera to snap pic of the office..
i haven really get along or noe my college well..
but so far the job is fine college are friendly and helpful enough
kinda stress on the first day..coz they hand me a project on a first day can?
i dun even hv the time to say hi to my 3d max..
since my last 3d modeling was like half a year b4
3d max seems to be so new to me now!! and my skills all berkarat d..
Thanks God..
today my boss back from Dubai and gv me some tutorial
to freshen up my mind and skills..
im so amaze that the times actually pass do fast in the office!!
after lunch when i rmb to check on the clock was 4 smth already!!
then next time i check its time to go back home!
tomorrow half day off to set up my car stuff and loan...
i noe is not good to take leave since i just started working
but i hv to get my car before april which is next tue..
coz i wan get the petrol subsidies!!RM600++ can!!
can gv next month installment and the few hundreds left over for shopping!!!
will post out my work outfit soon.....



  1. Pity you.. busy with worksss...
    You just need some time to adjust yourself!

  2. ya i need time!!!im so not use to working life!!

  3. awaiting for ur work outfit! haha
    n i bought the car tis month too! for the subsidies!!! haha

  4. sherlyn: haha..really i tot im only wan who kia shu ler!!haha..same birthday same view!!hugz!