i've attend 3 interview this week!!!so tiring...
but over all are pretty good..
its really nice meeting so many people in 3 days..
diff industry diff people diff experience..
every interview i went are totally diff industry in design..
i've been praying to God for this 3 jobs and interview...
coz i really dunno which field should i go into?
as some of my close friend noe tat
im really interested in magazines industry as my future career
but seems like they r not hiring any graphic or layout designer at the moment
i wonder whether its not God really want me to do..

reason im interest in this job simply because of the location!
their new office is so near to my house..
the major job scope are producing greeting card..
coz i love making and design greeting card read tis...
and they are using mac...
in fact this is the longest interview i had ever attend!! 3 hour can!!!
my poor neyney waited me in the car for 3 hour..
i Thanks god for such a patient boyfriend i have...
if i were to wait 3 hour for him,i will definitely gone crazy for sure!!!
interview with creative director:1 hour, a simple exercise using mac,
another hour with their executive director!!!
everything was ok..but i nid to reconsider since i hv more interview to attend!
But God speaking to me saying thr is not He want to work at..
<span class=
outfit for interview...since im a designer there no strict dress code for interview session
so i always go for semi formal..
Blazer: Trendreports
White basic: MNG
acid wash jean: BKK
Heels: BKK
Big Brown Bag: Sunway
Bejewel Bracelet: F21

again another interview, i hv to say the office location is attractive..
Mid Valley..
the company mainly focus on web design and interactive content
the office interior is impressive..simple yet stylish
 interview is rather relax..coz the 2 person interviewed me are young and fun
love their working environment and how they view about design industry..
but there are some issue im pulling my way back..secret..hehe
again my neyney was waiting in mph for me 
rather than sitting in the car..
then we had our dinner, movie and window shopping at
mv after the interview session
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Retro polka dots: BKK
Black studded skirt: Ugly Duckling
White bag: Taiwan Spree
Heels: BKK
we had our dinner at Carls..we use to love and now still in love..
their fries are the best!!!
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we watch Benjamin Button!!Thx shuwan and weilun recommendation
the story line is so well written!!! i love everything..inside the movie
and of coz the vy handsome Brad Pit!!!
b4 the movie i actually smsed the creative director of the greeting card company to
thx for opportunity to work with them but i hv2 reject the job offer...
and i pray harder to God that night!
since there is no peace in getting worried..
i dun want simply accept and regret at last..another imsonia night!!

which is today...i went for Product Design position
its situated at Cheras...the location is the only barrier for this job
but i was so suprise!!!its actually a magazine production house..
lotsa local magazine are born from this company..
i enjoy being interviewed..they are so friendly
im brave enuf to speak out my mind in front of them..Thx God
but i still need some times for consideration becoz the location is a problem
but in fact i luv the God answering my prayer or wht?i dunno
wht i can do is pray harder...and please pray for me...
Chiffon top: Trendreports
Black Skinny: Sunway
Heels: BKK (see how much i luv it..i wear it everyday...its not painful at all!)
Again thx to my neyney wait for me another one hour...
You're the best boyfriend i ever had..turtle head!!!

besides attending interview..i've been so busy go on and off to post office
post out all this love to my dear customer..
i already make friends with the ladies always attend me in the pos office..
and look i stick my bows on my plain purse..:D

-end of updates-


  1. baby,i hope u really can choose the one that you like very much wan yea!! ney support you!

  2. Yeaa. I support u pun. :P LoLz. Pray for u gal.. hope u can find 1 job that u can work to glorify His name. Miss ya *hugz*

  3. ney: hehe..thx ney i hope so..i scare of regretness ler!!!

    shuwan: thx sweets..ahaha i long time din say pun d..miss those time..ya i hope so!!thx for praying and enjoy ur holiday b4 work!! miss u too..

  4. Hey KIM,

    I try to email you, but seems like u gave the wrong email.

    O ya, nice blazer.. When u'r going to sell it =p

    and good luck for ur job hunting

  5. hello sweets,
    really?? sorry sorry again a correct one..

    for the blazer actually sell it long time ago..b4 i set up a blogshop..Thanks for the wish..hugz