Finally i've finished this template..
u guys must be suprise not seeing this design in the template i asked for polling earlier
coz all of the final dun result what i expecting to get
and the codding is like so messy and tedious
so i gv up those but come up with this one..
and really sorry for wasting your effort of voting..*sorry*
i've been editing, codding, hosting for like almost 3days with 7 diff design
and Thank God at least this only im happy with its tidy and sweet i think
i've been doi this from 9pm and now its 6am in the morning..
but still hv things havent complete yet
and now hv to get to bed before my mum wake up and caught me still sitting in front of pc
but b4 that i need u guys comments can??how do you think??

Thanks ya


  1. hee hee.. this template is sweet, neat and nice.. as usual, definitely is pink enough.. gambateh ya~ :D wanna ask u about the coding thingy ar.. but u seldom on9 geh, how leh?

  2. nice n so tempting!!!! love it so much!we have the same birthday n we love the same colour~ weeee happy :p

  3. nice nice and attractive too..!! u work until 7 in the morning ar..kesian ...><

  4. Joanne: Thanks jo for the compliment!!ar..ill get to you tml ya thru msn k..:D promise!!hope i can help..

    Sherlyn: thanks sweets for all the words..ya!we hv same birthday~ so coincidence..thanks again..hugz..

    ney: thanks baby..yalo..too enjoy editing and codding d..until now havent sleep yet!!arh..

  5. wah wah wah! this way better than wht u gv us to choose girl! impressive i love this so much, u go girl

  6. hhaa..really ar? then come n sit often lar..rmb to help me buy *secret* ya!