Family dinner...

we always had our family dinner outing on sat night...
but i hv to attend church on that i always missed our family dinner
but this week we have the dinner on sun instead of sat..
so mean im joining too..ah song tat's y i cant back to ccf attend sister day
my little sister who love steak so so much choose
Milwaukee, a western food restaurant at cheras
as our dinner location..not quite like the food serve there..
i dun think their food worth the price..its overprice!!!!
i cant even finish my seafood platter!! yucks..
but we had another satisfy dinner yesterday..whr my bro and daddy not around
my mum cook us the girls Korea food!!
vege, meat, kimchi, extremly hot chili sauce and ginseng soup~
so nice~we clear everything!!!
and noe wht??? i win RM500
my first and ever prize in my life...*excited*
it actually happen 2 weeks ago..
hehe..Thanks God, He know im broke...
it was a normal day for me.. sitting at home..reply email and arranging stock
then i was asked by my mum to drive the maid back to aunt house
as usual listen to one fm..(a new radio fm in m'sia)
they are having this competiton call jiang jiang jiang giving out cash RM500
if you sucessful speak out 4 song if they choose u and call u
then i was thinking since im sitting at home jobless..why not try my luck
i record all the songs and the singer send few sms in
and suddenly my phone rang!!!woohoo~ i was choosen!!!
and i was right with the answer...and win RM500~
oh my...Thanks God..that's wht i said at that moment..
at least i win myself some allowance to spend
Thanks one fm!!!

P.s: thanks all for helping me choosing the layout..will close the poll tml!!


  1. hey dun call urself broke now k!extra money wei.can i join ar?how?

  2. onefm,ni shi wo de no.1...
    but but..
    i send so many..oso no call me de @.@ >.< awww..

  3. wahh!!! shyok wo. Ahfai was discussing with me abt this thing.. he said RM500 so much for 1 call. whuahhh.. congrates~~ u can relaxx this month liao

  4. ashley: haha..go to the website i linked and see the instruction but i dun think u wanna make ur call all the way from aussie to win that money right!!!kisiao

    ney: hahha...ney no luck lo..kekeke..u hv to gan gan send sms mah

    shuwan: yalo..but the problem is i havent get the money yet and dunno when can i get..still cannot relax ar..hahaha

  5. u sent out how many sms-es to 33399 ar? XD

    u memeng so support one fm XD

    last time NCY angpow, u also sent out quite a lot huh! LOL

  6. haha 10 to win...many ar??yala!!i support lucas mah now my bro car, mum car, daddy car, and sis radio all tune to one fm....
    just to win money!!!!!!!!!hahahhahahahaha

  7. hahahahah
    i jz saw this. walao, i jz knw u won the jiang rm500!
    who call u 1? get the money liao?

    thankz for the supportSSSSS! although i knw u guys jz want to win money. =)

  8. lulu: haha i oso just saw ur comment!!wei i want to complain!!!i havent get the money yet ler!! cheat me one izzit?? i call evening session de..the 2 guys...

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