Dream come true???

**haha..if u wonder wht dream of mine has come true
but its just sort of like..not real k..haha
dun be too shock when seeing the photo below...

everyone noe im really desperate of having long japanese wavy/curl hair!!
but its seems tat i really hv long way to go to achieve it!
like another 1 or 2 year..man! that's way too long for me can..
and always wanted to do hair extension but so far those who close to me dun agree with it
except shevin..she's so supportive!!!rather than doi the real extension
both of us actually brought ourselves hair extension to achieve tis goal faster..
since hair extension is safer than the real treatment u can always take it off or on as u like..
this hair have been with me more than 3 month but i nvr ever dare take a pic of myself wearing somebody hair!
coz whenever my sister saw me in extension she will go crazy like yucks! er..that's could be "somebody hair" or really ugly ler..r u sure u wan to wear it!
which really destroy my um to really bring it to e salon for a cut or wht
of coz i admit its not really natural on me that time! coz my hair still short and too layering

but ...but today i suddenly tot of it again!!
and thinking that i should gv it one more chances!!! since my hair grow longer d..
who noes there might be different right...
its really better than b4 lar..but not that perfect yet!!
what do u think???? er maybe this is e trial for me
to see whether am i suitable for long wavy hair!
tell me tell me..is this nicer or i look better in short hair....

okay end of dream and back to real life!
outfit with my REAL hair..haha..
ruffles shelves top: Tea & sympathy, clincher: The Envelop, Navy blue puffy skirt: Online spree, Heels: BKK

the puffy skirt is too big for me to wear it high waist!so i wear it as a paperskirt
my first experience shop in darkness..ya i spend earth hour doi shopping
most of the shop i normally go shut down they light
but still open lar..so we was like digging the clothes in the dark...
and end up buying nth..kinda good to control shopping huh!
so..hahaha next time go shopping at earth hour..so u wun buy anything!

Sunday Bangsar Day

pink tube top: Velvet ribbon, Drop croch pants: BKK, bow tie on had: Trendreports
saw ney in the pic??he's hanging out in his favourite place..haha
i've being a good girl...shop less for clothes..haha..coz i saw none eye-catchy one
i brought mostly car accessories for moo moo...
the last last step..he will b complete..

**remember to gimme comment on e hair k!!please please..


  1. wow~ quite natural ler i think nice u can give it a try!love both the outfit second pic taken in Moca right?

  2. great ps skill! haha!! I'm dying to have long wavy curl too, but i think need to wait for agesssss T___T anyway, both long and short hair suits u as well.. just give it a try! ;)

  3. sorry that day din on9, quite busy recently, dun think i got the time to change the layout of my blog for the time being.. sien.. =.= anyway, congrats for your new job and ur moo moo too, jealousnya~ :p the wavy hair looks nice on u leh, i like to have it long time ago too, maybe after grad bah, no time to take care now also.. :P but i still prefer u in short hair, more elegant! like ur outfit ar~~! bangsar, heard it long time ago, but dun have chance to drop by also.. *cry* mus go there once b4 back jb.. hee hee.. take k ya~ :)

  4. omg!
    i really damn suka ur DIY lar.

    r u interested to be my personal image consultant?

    anyway, long hair is nice.
    no need to wait ur hair longer lar, use the wig shud be alrite d. XD

  5. ashley: maybe u havent c the whole part..yaya moca but i buy nth..sob sob

    cryst: haha..love,it is not photoshop is real click-on hair extension..haha my ps skills not that good yet!! ya its like so hard and long time to get a long wavy hair!!!but b4 the long hair my target now is ur hair length!!!

    Joanne: nvm girl when u wanna do only find me lo k!! must be bz for ur fyp right!Jia you ar..just 2+ month to go...Thanks you so much!!! really ar short hair ar..hahha ya must go..i think their price is smth like jb..you take care too...hugz

    tommy: haha..of coz interested!!!so should i quit my job now boss??? really ar..mayb nid a cut b4 go out too long ..if not cannot go out at night!
    like ghost..

  6. aw!!can i bite u?i like ur outfit lar!when can i dress like lu ar?tell me when?haha~wei for me hor the hair damn natural!

  7. hi kim ~ hmm aboutthe hair part...i think u look much better on short hair nehxxx...temporary extension is ok but then u look more fashion on short hair :p hehe tis is jz my opinion la ~ ha

  8. yinle:hahha..let's bite..ur comment always vy emotional and funny huh..cute u

    sherlyn:haha thanks for ur opinion girl!!! yalo mayb short more freshly look..thanks hugz

  9. i think you look hotter in short hair! :)

  10. kim!

    i think you look better in short hair. you can pull of longer hair as well but i think you have to curl properly... :) btw, you look stunning in the photos!

  11. vvens:Thank girls!! for e comment..wow do i look hot..haha..nvr hv ppl say im hot..-_-anyway thanks

    Sarah: hello dear..glad that u're here!!!another vote to short hair huh...ya hv to curl the wig nicely...Thanks for stopping by..hugz

  12. wow i love your second style with bow ...i think i love pink...
    i always adore your style

  13. evely:Thanks girls..haha..ya pink is adorable!!hugz..:D