Dream come true???

**haha..if u wonder wht dream of mine has come true
but its just sort of like..not real k..haha
dun be too shock when seeing the photo below...

everyone noe im really desperate of having long japanese wavy/curl hair!!
but its seems tat i really hv long way to go to achieve it!
like another 1 or 2 year..man! that's way too long for me can..
and always wanted to do hair extension but so far those who close to me dun agree with it
except shevin..she's so supportive!!!rather than doi the real extension
both of us actually brought ourselves hair extension to achieve tis goal faster..
since hair extension is safer than the real treatment u can always take it off or on as u like..
this hair have been with me more than 3 month but i nvr ever dare take a pic of myself wearing somebody hair!
coz whenever my sister saw me in extension she will go crazy like yucks! er..that's could be "somebody hair" or really ugly ler..r u sure u wan to wear it!
which really destroy my um to really bring it to e salon for a cut or wht
of coz i admit its not really natural on me that time! coz my hair still short and too layering

but ...but today i suddenly tot of it again!!
and thinking that i should gv it one more chances!!! since my hair grow longer d..
who noes there might be different right...
its really better than b4 lar..but not that perfect yet!!
what do u think???? er maybe this is e trial for me
to see whether am i suitable for long wavy hair!
tell me tell me..is this nicer or i look better in short hair....

okay end of dream and back to real life!
outfit with my REAL hair..haha..
ruffles shelves top: Tea & sympathy, clincher: The Envelop, Navy blue puffy skirt: Online spree, Heels: BKK

the puffy skirt is too big for me to wear it high waist!so i wear it as a paperskirt
my first experience shop in darkness..ya i spend earth hour doi shopping
most of the shop i normally go shut down they light
but still open lar..so we was like digging the clothes in the dark...
and end up buying nth..kinda good to control shopping huh!
so..hahaha next time go shopping at earth hour..so u wun buy anything!

Sunday Bangsar Day

pink tube top: Velvet ribbon, Drop croch pants: BKK, bow tie on had: Trendreports
saw ney in the pic??he's hanging out in his favourite place..haha
i've being a good girl...shop less for clothes..haha..coz i saw none eye-catchy one
i brought mostly car accessories for moo moo...
the last last step..he will b complete..

**remember to gimme comment on e hair k!!please please..

My daily dosage...

make up being so usual and norm in my life..
especially when i start to work
but only those basic stuff lar..
so today just wanna share wht i use for my daily make up
1 step: foundation...im a huge fan of etude house ..
hehhe so u will b seeing lotsa etude product in my makeup couch
from the left etude pore concealer(seldom use), elianto concealer (so cheap can and it stay quite long time), Dream on Pact powder (love the shimmering!!), Etude Baby Skin Base (Soft and natural foundation)

2 step: for e eye part...somethings i only go for simple eyeliner vy seldom apply eye shadow..
but however i will use the beige shimmer for highlight on the eye bone!
Kate deep eye shadow palate (i always love smokey brown), Etude Liquid eyeliner, maybeline shimmer...

3 step: haha..i have more than blusher that shown in the pic!but of coz not using all in once lar..
i just dunno y i love to buy blusher..i hv 8 blusher set..
from the picture taiwan forth color blusher and highlighter set, majolica and canmake cheek and highlight(abit too glittering for me..but the highlight work vy well!)

4 step: eye details..mascara and curler..a 100% must for me!!
Majolica fibre extension mascara (the brush is actually a comb design it can really comb ur lashes nicely), Etude Big eye vitara mascara (volume mascara best choice!) and etude eyelash curler~

Mission complete!!!
This is how i look everyday to work...


Introduce you new toy..
my little moo moo..6880 no meaning..but i dad love it..-_-
in fact it havent really transfer to a moo(cow) but sooner..
im in the process of customize it with this awesome furly fabric!!

-okies end-
back to sewing..*_*

say woohoo to short break!!!!

im so excited today since i start my work
coz i've another short little break for myself...
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday!!!!
the office is close due to Company trip to Krabi
this morning the boss ask me whether i wan to go so he can book my ticket
no im not goi..hahha..stupid me huh..free trip wei
coz i dun think i deserve this trip since its an appreciation gift to the staff for their hardship
and im not even prepare for it!!! mentally and physically
im too new to join them for vacation..im not a happening person
and and i hv thingsss to settle...and attend(so many and)
to cellgroup (ya i started joining cell group!its was fun..enjoyable)
wait at home for the call from my car agent for good news
hehe..sherlyn! me oso start buying accersory for car
im gonna turn my little viva to a little cow car..hahaha..*scream*
ok..end of excitement..so far im vy happy with the environment!
its a great place for designer to grow..especially my 3D!!
noe what i finished the project that i mention earlier~
Thanks Thanks God....
Boss are too good to us...we eat lunch we talk and we laugh
we can online too..but me when comes to work..hehe..i forget to climb on net
sorry TR's customers..for late reply
acoz my places i mean my desk is not really good position to surf personal stuff!
haha..get wht i mean...
ok well i only manage to get my workplace pic..
im so love this lcd..in white can...and somemore i hv 2!!!
haha...yalah everyone have 2 monitor~
they say gonna upgrade my pc..but can i still remain this lcd..
i dun wan the bigger wan which in black!!

as promise work outfit..
not all but some of day..
1st day to work..comfort and safe type
since 1st day hv to do sm survey on the air conditioning and college acceptance..
Black turtle neck: MNG, Belt: Sister's, Vintage skirt: Thifted, legging: forget, stripes heels: Shoesaholics
this were the day im all alone..
i take half day leave in the morning..driving alone all the way to ampang
Public bank to sign the loan agreement...
drive to times square pick my brother and his gf
go to cheras to get my plate number! but we were direct to a wrong place
head to Salak south and finally get my number!!!
WSK 6880!!faster come~

today...kinda look messy huh..coz im back from ney place after work
Happy Birthday ney's baba...
i love ny tee: sister's, Navy blue puffy:online spree, vintage flat:vincci

i really Thanks God what HE provides me so far in my life and in future..when i need a job i get one which is way better than expectation, when i need a car and i get one, when i need someone to share i have ney and my blog!!! when i need allowance i get extra from unexpected way too!!!i love you Jesus..you are the source for us..and you are everything!
God bless you too...

Berkarat me

now i noe why some blogger dun often blog after they start to work!
got nth to nice to blog and share about!!
u just wanted to get to bed right after u step in the home
i dun hv any pic of my office coz im hesitate to take out my camera to snap pic of the office..
i haven really get along or noe my college well..
but so far the job is fine college are friendly and helpful enough
kinda stress on the first day..coz they hand me a project on a first day can?
i dun even hv the time to say hi to my 3d max..
since my last 3d modeling was like half a year b4
3d max seems to be so new to me now!! and my skills all berkarat d..
Thanks God..
today my boss back from Dubai and gv me some tutorial
to freshen up my mind and skills..
im so amaze that the times actually pass do fast in the office!!
after lunch when i rmb to check on the clock was 4 smth already!!
then next time i check its time to go back home!
tomorrow half day off to set up my car stuff and loan...
i noe is not good to take leave since i just started working
but i hv to get my car before april which is next tue..
coz i wan get the petrol subsidies!!RM600++ can!!
can gv next month installment and the few hundreds left over for shopping!!!
will post out my work outfit soon.....


Random random update....

random stuff post to kick start this new template!!
im so in love in my own blog...layout..haha perasan me

++Random outfit -totally diff theme++

Black kim- translate as "o kin"
studded mini dress wrote as top: Trendreports
(i actually added more studded in that shirt myself..)
Self made high waist paint, The envelop clincher, studded sandal..

Ballet pink
White top: Mooie, belt: Sister, tutu: room0808, vintage bag: taiwan spree, brown strips heel: shoesaholic
im so love the pink tutu..but i think its kinda long for me..gonna bring it to the tailor and do some surgery...

++Random eat++

adore the ice cream..so natural so smooth so expensive
haha..cant afford too much coz im broke now..
Mid valley have the nicest Portuguese grill seafood!!!
situated in oasis food court..my ney ney fav since sec sch..
everyone love spicy food should try tis!!cheap but delicious

++Random Customize++
see how crazy am i to studded..i made my 1st studded ear ring!!!!

since im gonna start work...i hv to prepare myself mentally and physically
notebook is the most important thing- i customize it as well to my own style
cant wait to start using it!!!!

++Random camwhore+

a rare angle for camwhore..

Trendreports gonna have a massive update sooner babe...
with more oversea goodies and customize shirt!!!


Finally i've finished this template..
u guys must be suprise not seeing this design in the template i asked for polling earlier
coz all of the final dun result what i expecting to get
and the codding is like so messy and tedious
so i gv up those but come up with this one..
and really sorry for wasting your effort of voting..*sorry*
i've been editing, codding, hosting for like almost 3days with 7 diff design
and Thank God at least this only im happy with its tidy and sweet i think
i've been doi this from 9pm and now its 6am in the morning..
but still hv things havent complete yet
and now hv to get to bed before my mum wake up and caught me still sitting in front of pc
but b4 that i need u guys comments can??how do you think??

Thanks ya

Kim's small thought I

will start this little session every now and then
coz i think something missing in my blog
i felt rather emptiness after every post or reading my own blog..
maybe kiminpink have too much sharing on the external
but none on the internal side of me
please bear with me...ill still continue with wht i do previously...


i was on my bed fews minutes ago...
as im training myself to be "prayerful" so recently i always pray until i fall asleep when im still awake and no more item to pray for, suddenly my big question come back to me again..
and decided to wake up and goolge for an answer
i always have this question in mind and
i've been praying for an answer from God
What does bible/God says about fashion?
coz most of my christian friend dun really dress up like me
and i dun go to church with wht i normally wear..(more decent)
should i just give up this passion and look like other christian..
how others look at Christian like me?
these are the ans i googled..

1. As a Christian your behavior sets the tone for how others see you and your faith. Being modest in your appearance is just as great a witness to those around you as your words. One issue many non-Christians have with believers is that they tend to be hypocritical. If you are preaching purity and modesty to others while wearing revealing clothes you may be seen as a hypocrite. By being modest you allow people to see your inner faith rather than your outer appearance.
1 Peter 2:12 - "Be careful to live properly among your unbelieving neighbors. Then even if they accuse you of doing wrong, they will see your honorable behavior, and they will give honor to God when he judges the world." (NLT)

2. God doesn't focus on our outward appearance. It is what's on the inside that matters most to Him. The Bible tells us that God's focus is on developing our inner beauty so that it can be reflected in everything we do and what we are.
1 Samuel 16:7 - "The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." (NIV)

James 1:23 - "Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his face in a mirror." (NIV)

3 .Unfortunately we do live in a superficial world where people do judge on appearance. We would all love to say that we are not in the majority, and that we all look beyond what's on the outside, but virtually all of us are influenced by appearances.

Yet, we need to keep appearance in perspective. The Bible tells us that it is important to present ourselves as nicely as possible, but God does not call us to go to extremes. It is important that we remain aware of why we do the things we do to look good. Ask yourself two questions:
* Does your focus on your appearance take your eyes off the Lord?
* Are you more focused on your weight, clothes, or makeup than you are on God?
If you answered, "Yes," to either of the questions then you may need to take a closer look at your priorities. The Bible tells us to look closer at our hearts and actions rather than our presentation and appearance.

that's the best answer i found..if you hv any others..tell me can?!? anyway i have a rough idea and answer in fact i heard wht God's answer which actually related to last week sermon..

everyone can have passion in anything (not sinful thing of coz) but all the passion cannot take away God's throne in our heart..mean like if i have 99% of passion in fashion or dressing up..i should have 100% passion in God..God always come first and take the throne in our heart..mean if i spend 200 on clothes i hv to offer 201 to God..if i write 10 post about my outfit i should hv 11 post about spiritual thing..oh my! this last one kinda hard coz im not really good in writing..my english sucks

correct me if you dun think so ya..

feel better after sharing..times to hit bed with..
Colossians 3:17 - "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." (NIV)
p.s:im gonna serve in church soon...wooray..today learn PA system..wht next??so many area can be serve..sunday school?orang asli?media ministry? wht should i choose..


ok b4 everything outfit of the day..again a movie outing
this times Marley & me...good if you're a dog lover...
checker tube: trendreports, grey flair skirt taiwan spree, thifted bows tights, and bows flat
so love this checker tube!!and its now available in Trendreports the latest report!!!
and i only sell wht i will wear...
coz from trendreports i get to noe lotsa nice people!!
sharon: thanks for visiting my blog and all the comments!!
Thanks sweets really nice to meet u!!!
Mary: a Melbourbe fashion design student who brought our stuff for her runway show..
we chat a lot and she give me so much encouragement!!love ya girls
Violet and penny: arh..my secondary school mate!! nvr meet and talk for years
and we get in touch again thru TR!!!and thanks violet, you're so sweets...(sms)
sherlyn: girl thanks that great review on the top u brought from us!!hugz
uand of coz my baby who drove me up and down to get stock and pos office
to sent out parcel! i always Thank God for i hv you..Muacks
and lot more who email us and tell us they love the stuff they brought!
i'm trying my best to bring in nicer stuff..but the supplier always failed me!
Tat's y i had only one top in this latest collection!Sorry girl~


and i brought a pair of shoe totay!!!
finally find a suitable pair to start my studded project~~
but its kinda expensive to me to customize it..who noe it may failed right?!?!!
nice not??ya i noe its already nice in simple black..
but im in studded craz so..hehe
studded the main thing!! i actually beg one of the seller in bkk
to sell her studded to me...
and my bestie in all handcraft e hot gun!!
it take like only 3 min to complete it!
consider sucessful...izzit nice???
i cant wait to wear it!!

p.s: new template in process..im kinda lazy to deal with the codding...
hopefully the outcome is better than expected to be..


im so blessed!!!
i thanks God for all the blessing and love He had shower on me so far
i had another interview this morning..came in a sudden..
got inform yesterday noon..
not much stress and not much worries..and i sleep so tight yesterday..
mayb i had attend quite a number of interviews b4 this
no more insomnia the night b4 interview
after showing my portfolio ,few conversation with the boss
watching their company show reel...and salary matter
i straight away confirm to work there..
coz previously i always end up asking them to give me times for consideration
but no not this times..
coz the boss is too nice and
he gives appreciation to my work which encourage me a lot
i dun expect high on my salary but he was like nvm u can ask more
nvr ever encouter this can..but at last i stick the market price
this is the only job interview that gives me motivation of showing them imma goi to improve!!
after confirm i was introduce to all the college
i feel peace in me after confirm to work there
no fear no anxious but peace...
i believe it from God..it may or may not be a job God gives me
but i rmb Novel once told me you never know until u try or get urself involve!
God will let you know one day in his way...
WOoray...after 5 interviews..
i finally found the "enviroment" and a company that appreaciate designer!!
noe wht enviroment??
they actually got tv and playstation area for us to rest and lepak!!
anyhow i still have one more week to prepare myself..
..and get myself a car sooner!!!another Wooray~
yeah yeah..i nvr tot of me actually looking forward to work
introduce the company after im in the position...with photo!!hehe..


im so addicted to doi mask..haha right after shuwan you tag me in facebook
as the mask queen...poison izzit haha..
i do mask 3 times a weeks can...even my mum oso kena influence by me
we do mask together-gether she introduce her expensive mask to me
and me applying my cheapo mask on her..haha..
anyhow cheapo but still good can!!
im gonna introduce you e mask that i actually promise earlier
Etude 02 white mask...RM59.90(if im not mistaken)
wht u need a brush to apply(is not good to use hand k!!)and a hairband
and you can store it in ur frige....its really cooling when applying it
wash ur face before doi e mask..
gosh!i realise this is my first showing my naked face in kiminpink
dun get scared!!pls come back k...i already try to put a smaller pic!
you can actually apply on ur kneel and ur arm whr ever is darker than ur skin
and the result!!!!
got difference not??no editing on skin tone!!its 100& REAL!!!
the only thing i forget is to Smile~hhaa


Another stuff to share..my fav
mash potatoes salad..
i rmb this actually taught by kaelynn once we were gather at her place
to prepare this for bbq night or smth!
and it actually became me and ney all times hobbies..haha
we even had it on my birthday!!
to prepare this dish..like 1 hours is needed..if ya doi alone
prepare eggs and potatoes..depend on u!!mayo or salad cream
boil with water until the potatoes is soft enuf to mash
then mash it with wht ever weapon u hv
mix with mayo or salad cream...actually mayo is better..
put some black and white pepper...for favoring..
and done!!!!you can eat it with chips or bread or just like tat..

im still so excited....

Family dinner...

we always had our family dinner outing on sat night...
but i hv to attend church on that day...so i always missed our family dinner
but this week we have the dinner on sun instead of sat..
so mean im joining too..ah song tat's y i cant back to ccf attend sister day
my little sister who love steak so so much choose
Milwaukee, a western food restaurant at cheras
as our dinner location..not quite like the food serve there..
i dun think their food worth the price..its overprice!!!!
i cant even finish my seafood platter!! yucks..
but we had another satisfy dinner yesterday..whr my bro and daddy not around
my mum cook us the girls Korea food!!
vege, meat, kimchi, extremly hot chili sauce and ginseng soup~
so nice~we clear everything!!!
and noe wht??? i win RM500
my first and ever prize in my life...*excited*
it actually happen 2 weeks ago..
hehe..Thanks God, He know im broke...
it was a normal day for me.. sitting at home..reply email and arranging stock
then i was asked by my mum to drive the maid back to aunt house
as usual listen to one fm..(a new radio fm in m'sia)
they are having this competiton call jiang jiang jiang giving out cash RM500
if you sucessful speak out 4 song if they choose u and call u
then i was thinking since im sitting at home jobless..why not try my luck
i record all the songs and the singer send few sms in
and suddenly my phone rang!!!woohoo~ i was choosen!!!
and i was right with the answer...and win RM500~
oh my...Thanks God..that's wht i said at that moment..
at least i win myself some allowance to spend
Thanks one fm!!!

P.s: thanks all for helping me choosing the layout..will close the poll tml!!

Layout..nid ur help pls!!!

hey all..
i've been bored with this layout for sm times already..
but nvr hv the times and idea to come out with nicer design..
but today im free
i come out with not one but 5 design
thx to ney suggestion, he actually suggested me to design more for u guy to choose..
as a blog post or smth..
so i make it all 5 in 6 hours..sitting in front of pc without moving..
try to make each is diff..but color and element is kinda same
coz this is kiminpink mah..no other color are allowed


Kim Simplicity
in fact this is the 1st production..that's y lacking of element and idea..
just wanna making simple and clean...

i call this
Bow in pink

yet another clean design with more element
luv tis template becoz of the date is placed outside of the layout
at least abit diff then normal one

Lacey polka kim
you might find the color i use is similar with this current one..
black and pink
but this one with lace can!haha..more elegant mah
and i always love polka dotz as background!!
if u dun wan to see my face then better dun choose tis ya

Cupacakes kim
luv cupcakes then eating them actually..
i try to mix ocean blue with pink..diff kinda feeling huh
vy sweets combination..me quite like!

Dear kim diary
this is totally diff layout although its nice but
less user-friendly, always wanted to do smth like this...

haha no i din hv any 6th design for you but
if u prefer this current one im using then any other i show previously

Poll end..:D result out...hehe
Thanks so much, luv ya!

Ballerina Rock

i tot i can control myself from shopping after coming back from bkk
but no im wrong, i just cant tahan something im looking for slip away..
coz you wun get it again once u dun buy it on the spot..
this is wht i call my love at 1st sight when come to shop
i brought 2 skirt and 1 top this week which im not suppose to do
since i still got lotsa brand new clothes from bkk
and most important
im currently no income no financial support and no saving!!!
God i have sin..Forgive me Lord
i've praying to put less focus on fashion, but i cant i simply cant
fashion is my passion..
well..today movie trip again with ney
when u and ur partner are broke..perhaps movie outing is the best choice..
Slumdong Millionaire
erm..lower than my expectation actually
coz i've heard and read about all the good comments abt it
and set it mentally at vy high level..
i prefer Benjamin Button not becoz of Brad Pit
but the story is more interesting..just my 2cents..
okie..my theme today is ballerina rock..i eventually create the name myself
sound weird?
haha..i brought my twin along..
im wearing the jacker she's not...okie stop crap..
lacey tank top: forget*, studded belt, extremely pluffy skirt, stripes heels
in fact im more excited in sharing my accersory
as u noe i sold some accersories at TR(Trendreports)
i choose every single peice whole hearterdly
i wanna own every single design myself!!!
hehe..of coz i keep some for myself
<span class=
im so in love with this gold wing ring..so cute!!!!
<span class=
and this studded bracelet!! im so fever abt things with studded nowadays
i actually saw an exactly same bracelet at one of boutique in bangsar
which cost RM80 smth can!!
im now looking for a simple yet nice clutch to "studdedize" it..any recommendation?
coz i got myself many many studded for customize project!
<span class=
and today ney got me a new challenge..asking me to wear
as simple as casual as i can one day to kl
without any make up any extra..only tee with jean or short
sport shoe some more...haha i nvr noe i hv a sport shoe...
<span class=
and mayb tie up my hair oso....of coz without the make up la
hey notice my hair growing ornot!!
anyway its rather tough challenge to me...coz going out mean dolling up
i actually enjoy dolling up then going out..haha..
okay lotsa crap today..do u think i can take tat challenge?

P.s: thanks to all reader who purchase from Trendreports!!
i might make a special discount or mystery gift for my reader+ buyers in the future..
love u girls..:D
P.s.s: im so excited to go to church tomorrow..dunno y?
no events pun just simply excited abt it