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Visit visit!!!

Happy Ox Year

off to S'pore tml!!
we use to hv our own family reunion dinner
rather special this year...
coz we are having it with aunt's family and grandma
and looking forward to meet my darlings 3 days later..
hope everything run smoothly...*pray hard*

and one more things
im so happy today!!!surprise with the result i get for my FYP and thesis!!!!
i tot my presentation ruined my result but...hehehe...
infact its the highest GPA i get throughout my uni life..
Praise the Lord
as Shuwan said we are so blessed!!!上帝的恩典够我用!
and Thanks to Mr Khong for all the advice and leading...
you're the coolest Lecturer i met in mmu and ID team!
God bless you guys..

anyway..wish all of you sweetie
Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!!!
and grab as many angpow u can this year~

P.s: i think i hv more interesting thing to blog after this new year!!stay tuned..

Lazy Bug..

im now sitting at home doi nth than
sleep, eat, play and watching drama!
but i still got many things undone!
haven't decide whr to go for vacation..whr whr..any suggestion???
haven't buy enough new year clothes
trim eyebrow
haven't get prepare well for my *secret plan*
haven't plan with my darlings at jb when and whr to go
haven't color and cut my ugly hair!
so many things to b done b4 this Saturday...
yet im still here sitting in font of the pc the sims'ing
ya im addicted to the sims2 again...haha..again... the composed pic of my mum's company annual buffet dinner
at Legend Hotel..
i was inform suddenly so no outfit photo but only food's!!
and today i finally finish my wardrobe adding mission for cyn at Bangsar and
trim my eyebrow
so summany i brought 2 high waist skirt, 1 jacket, 2 pair of shoes, 2 dress
gosh..and only 1 top???i brought way too less clothes than pass few year!!!
i just cant find anything nice this new year...nothing can!
anyway this wht i wear today
Tuxedo like lacey tude:Thrifted
High waist denim short: Oh, So beautiful
Brown High waist Belt:Oh, So beautiful
Big Brown Shopping Bag: *forget the name*
Heels: Shoessaholic

Chinese New Year in advance~


i nid an escape!!!escape to some where..
or call it a graduation trip..with whoever..anyone will do..haha c how desperate am i
i wan to go taiwan, bangkok, hongkong, macau and more
hopefully my aunt gv me good news on the air ticket sooner
and be back to jb to meet my darling b4 or after cny
to go s'pore again for shopping..


oh ya my fyp!hehe..thanks mr winter for the shooting
my lecture say u vy lengzai ler!!!
but now im still stuck at cyberjaya..tml is my final submission
and ney's submission is on thursday
so we have 2 more days spend the empty house
haha..nothing left..
im now sitting on the floor with my pc putting on a unwanted book rack..
3more days im leaving tis "cyberhutan" which i spend my 4 year uni life here
although this is not a vy decent place to live
no nice shopping entertaiment
but there lotsa lotsa memories that im gonna bring along with me the rest of my life
in fact the most memorable period for this 22 year..
although there are
endless assignment and endless sleepless night
but i gained a lot and in fact i've grow a lot too
im no longer a mummy girl..
im independent now!!
a short summary of my 4 years uni life in mmu

drawing drawing drawing...that all i rmb for the class i attend in alpha
met crazy four..(shuwan, yeekuan, yonping and me)
miss those times where we use to do lotsa crazy things...
thanks for the sweet memories
Chosen Interface Design as my major
draw 5 by 5 inch painting like 10 piece or more..?i cant rmb
move in D71A...own my lovely cute room
get attach with Ney..
Belive in Christ..commit in CCF
join lotsa camp and mission trip
touring to johor, redang, langkawi, pankor, penang, alor setar, port dickson, Ipoh, Bukit Tinggi

tis are the things that might not repeat in my life..
so i cherish everyone i noe within tis 4 years, everything i've done ill remember...
becoz im stepping into a different stage in my life
but before that i will gv myself a break a really long one
b quiet listen to God's plan in me

God bless...

Combine Dinner...

after weeks of buziness...
we miss out lotsa proper dinner for celebration
Anniversary, Christmas, New Year
and of coz celebrate the accomplish project and presentation
and today we finally found out the direction to Palate Palette
the last time suppose to be thr to celebrate "Lucas"'s birthday
but he is so sick to spend time for us to figure out the way thr..
and we end up eat porridge with the poor birthday boy
anyway back to the topic...our combine dinner!
love the enviroment!! the wall decor..
pic credit from kampungboycity
(go to their site for complete review)
me with the nice lighting and decor!
our drinks..Iced Milo Viennese and Firefly Mocktails
here come the food!!
palete3 copy
Sundried Tomato Battered Chicken Chop
Served with buttered corn on the cob and garlic mash potatoes
Moo Stew
US sirloin beef fettuccini lovingly stewed with star anise and cumin
nice i love tis!!!the beef so tender
and their famous Mushroom Cappuccino!
A taster of our Mushroom Soup, topped with foam milk. We don’t mind if you slurp!


everything are So nicE!!!
finally a proper celebration!!Thanks ney, love you...

and i realize something!
sometimes ain't too bad to take picture with flash..
am i right?my skin is back to normal!no more pimples and big pores...
k then
see you after i shift all the stuff off
Bye Cyberjaya!!!

All of a sudden

suddenly i finish my final year project


suddenly i have to pack all my stuff and
move out from this house that i use to stay the past 3 years


suddenly i did my final presentation and it turn out disappointing..*sob*
i hate myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


suddenly im graduate not officially might failed also..haha..who knows


suddenly its time for me to find a job and work like cow the rest of my life paying debts


suddenly i ended my studies life, might not mayb a master for me?
but it could end in this moment
im no longer call myself a student? old am i!!!


suddenly i felt so lost and im not ready for the future yet..
im not prepared!!!
arh..God please guide me...