it 30 month!

hey tis is our 30 month aniversary!
30months= 2.5 year = 912.5 days =21900hours!
thats lot..haha at least for me is a long time~
thanks ney for all the sweet memories!
i want more can?haha..greedy me
anyway no celebration tis round coz he is so BUSY!!
God bless my neyney finish his animation in time and glorify God with his work!
but i make a card for him!100% handmade!
and found out that i did lotsa cards for him all this while!
haha..a lot right? i think he already bored of it..:P
love ya are the gift that God gives to me!!
i love you~ney...luv you so much..:D
wanna hold you like tat forever~


  1. thanks bb for the post~ so sweet~
    Luv you lot too! you are the gift from to me as well~Let's what we do are to glorify God yea ;)

  2. congrats kim! look how you have changed over the years! :D

  3. congratz kim!!!!
    Wow...amaze card and you did it by your self!
    So toughfull argh...i wish i can make a great card by my self for my BF....
    you two are amazing couple pretty and handsome! Perfect ;)

  4. ney: hehe..yeah..luv ya..

    sarah: hello sweatie, ya i been changing a lot from the pass...

    evelynpn: ya..i enjoy doi handmade gretting much fun! i did lotsa Christmas card this year for my friends too...thanks girl, u r so sweet..thanks for every comment you left for me!