Happy 21st Birthday to Chan Chi Chong!!!

hey hey...
your long waited 21st birthday is here!!
i thanks God that He gives me this special opportunity to know you more
you have been a little sister to me all this while
enjoy times crapping and foolish around with you
coz we can talk abt anything!
enjoy the times we having disciple class
although u are quite naughty some times..haha
21 already lor...gai go zai lo (winter copyright)
wish all ur *dream* come true ya
lets grow closer to God together!!
will be missing you so much after grad..
really treasure our relationship!!
God bless my dear song song!!
Happy Happy Birthday~

P.s: look forward for ur birthday present from me..although i haven prepare yet..kekke


  1. dear kimmie jie~tx ya..reali glad to be ur bei zao jiu zhe..u r such a great sis to me..luv ya~

  2. Wah....congratz!!!!!!!!!!!!
    where is your lil sis now?
    I think she love Starbucks like me hahahahaha

  3. haha..she is here with me..actually she my sister in Christ!haa..ya guess she luv it..:P