Not more 21


finally today- my birthday~~
im sick!!!terrible flu attack me in this look-forward day of the year~~
celebrating with sniffle and tissue...and ended up fever!!!
haih--y so suai....
Thanks God.. at least i feel better today...can you finally guess whr hv we been in this picha??
haha..more hints..
dun misunderstand with the all the picha above
is not our pre-married photo k!!!
us wearing kimono for photo shooting at the Japanese village at Bukit tinggi!!
the place i wanted to go for so long~
thanks to my ney san!!funny photo...
the weather is good there...but im sniffling all the way~~so sad....until my head became senget..
after japanese village we went to Colmar Tropicale the place is beautiful!!!ney say this look like mv shoot..
clothes im wearing:
Shawl: Taiwan Cutie Fashio Spree
Shirt: Mooie Boutique, Bangsar
Waist Clincher: The Envelop
Skirt: December, Sungai Wang
Legging: Taiwan Wiwi Spree
Boots: Tanks, Sunway

there is no activity you can do there except photo shooting...
but we brought our stuff to have our own activity!!!
haha..a private poolside birthday celebration~~
Sparkling Juice (non-alcohol)
Cookies!!and the most important my birthday cupcakes from neyneyso cute right!!heart it so much and dun wan to eat it at that times
and ney make tis --potatoes salad..with chips
and we end our party!!and go back home for celebration with my family
ya..highway cafe a place that my family use to have western food thr..
its at serdang..a very old english restaurant..
we love their king prawn set with chop and sharkfin soup...*nice*
but i wun eat without goi with my dad
its too expensive~~for such a portion...
after the dinner i felt so sick...
so we rush back to cyber after taking medicine
i go to sleep...with fever
and sun, ash, yinle called me at b4 12 to wish me
and suddenly ppl knock on my door..and sing birthday song..
ya ccf..usual traditional for every birthday ccf'er
surprise by big bunch of brothers and sisters and 2 piece of secret receipt cake~~
everyone go through tis once a year unless you demand not to have..hahaha
but i appreciate and din aspect they come at that times..
thanks brothers and sisters...
last year i was busy with final assign and tis year im terribly they hv to make it fast
photo session, wishes, prayer everything done quick and clean in order to let me rest earlier..
sorry guys..i dunno wht happen with my birthday..haha..
i blurred my face..coz i dun look good at all...c the 1st picha i get up from bed can?nobody go to sleep in good condition sm more a im sick k..haha..
thanks you guys~~


p/s: how's my new template??nice???i personally like it vy much..kekeke...


  1. Happy Birthday my dear,
    dun worry u still look young and pretty!age don't matter on u!believe me!Dream come true, love you muchie

  2. Happy Birthday to you...
    Get well soon and I bet you have a wonderful celebration..

  3. oh my! i love the new template!so princess feel!

  4. wah! Ming so pro! i want da cake too! muahaha! got spare some for me or not. . swt . happy belated burthday pinky kimmy lolz =P