Indiana transform to an indian yesterday
my indian style..i noe it's not
i seldom in tee and short...tis mooie boutique changing roomwent to the little indian area in KL..bangsar!!
for clothes(of coz not sari la) and nasi kandang hunting..
nivarna for indian food...indian fried sotong..wish it could b more cripsy my favourite indian keropok..forget the name the food is much much nicer than the indian food that we use to hv in cyber...
we enjoy the food with no plate, forks and spoon....haha everthings is so banana leaf (mean indian la)the Indian nails..actually i painted the yellow at 1st but i think its kinda weird on me
and i clean up everything and do a new set allover again..c how i waste my time on tis kinda thing while everyone is busy with they fypTea & Sympathy
a gift to myself...not gonna shown it here..keke..
luv their apparel so unique and the quality is so good..the price is affordable too
luv tis photo..a sucessful indian girl thr is a guy behind supporting...
im so indian today~


  1. Hey!I love the outfit!The nails is so cute!

  2. i like the indo food!! hehe
    Indiana eat indo food on that particular day ! memang ada theme @.@

  3. Always love the way u dress!like japanese! Happy Birthday in advance~