New toys....

i make myself so busy for this little raya break
not for assign of lazy as u noe
sat- church & habitue
sun- showpink bazaar, bangsar and mid valley shopping
mon- bring my pc to c doc at lowyat..she's sick again!!getting serious~
today- photo shooting.. many things accept my fyp...

i got myself new toys!!!
so excited to share u..ekkeke
new toy
a pinkish ice-cream hp strap!! so cute right?the ice cream will light on when call in & out!
haha..guess wht is tis???
the interface look so nice with texture..
its a external hardisk!!! love it~~~

another 2 are my new d.i.y product!
haha..look wht i found vintage button!! from the shop i mention in my previous post
and a zara basic dark blue tee..

and this the result..i sew the button at 2 side of the sleeves
ya not much changes but with a vintage button will definitely bring a different feeling to the normal tee..

A new necklaces!
new toy2
the spec formally is a normal nerdy spec..
and i found i look so weird in the spec..and nvr ever wear it
DSC05134 ugly right!!coz the shape of the glass is not nerd at all
so i broke the both side of the glass
and connect it with a normal necklace
haha..and a little giraffe i thinks..that i get for my birthday
this is how it look when its being wore..
how do u think?

P.s: Help! tml goi mersing!!!Dad, can i stay at home with my sick pc!

Selamat Hari Raya in advance


haha..i did this wallpaper for a competition last month
by not wasting the effort
reuse it here to wishes you guys
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri in advance..haha

imma gonna spend my raya break in mersing this year
with my grandma kinda long time since we last met..
im still struggle to go ornot coz im stuck with my FYP...
i dun really do my best....being lazy all this while...arh..*guiltiness*
Mr Khong had being so tolerant and good to us
but im just taking it as granted..
why am i like this...i cant graduate with this quality of work!!
God please help me with this..i wanna glorify you in my studies, Lord!!!

Happy Holiday~

p/s: the picha in my blog is getting better in quality and size(bigger) thx to flickr!!!

Phlox Studio Appreciation Dinner

Phlox Studio is set up for one of our university subject-Cyberprenueship
we did our presentation last week with a good compliment from our lecturer..
and decide to have an appreciate dinner after all the hard work..
as we are continuing it the dinner is also a motivation for us
to keep our passion on the business..
we went to Full house a newly open themed restaurant at niue che shui, pj
the place is nice of their interior design and environment...
of coz we do not waste the nice designed interior
me n neyney..he's cute..
girls from 711...

we grab the chance of taking our new Phlox studio's crew picha there~~
since we have our newly added phlox'er- Mimi
the bedroom and bathroom section..whr there sell accessories and clothes
family portraits style
pretend to be the display
the living room~


and a little birthday celebration for me..hehe
thanks guys..
happy three friends...haha..i rmb the name...:P thx for the gift..i love it~
we have our meeting too!!ahaha..come out with more interesting thingy to serve you better
see how much we love you..kekke
guess wht
we are bringing in more stuff!!!
new stock tonight!!!
stay tune~~
CLick cliCk!!

God bless~

I LOVE IT from my heart

tis post is dedicate to neyney
who think i dun like the present he gift to me tis birthday
and im here to prove and tell tat
it true when i noe im getting a BOOK
from you tis year for my birthday im truly disappointed
even my not-so-close friend would't give me a book as gift
because i dun like book apparently
me = book...its totally wrong equation k..
but i accept it at last for the sake of noe'ing u brought it for my own good
but im still not satisfied!!and asking for another greedy am i...

until u hand me tis BOOK
can u see the tiny little word there its not a normal book but its holy bible~
ya a bible..LIVE BIBLE (isn't a book you just read, live it)
surprisingly i like it vy much..
its so different! its a designed bible!!!with lotsa nice photograph, quotes and they have tis 'try this' section asking you do some pratical to test your faith and lotsa more ...
and most important the english is easy to understand...
i noe is not cheap to get this kinda study bible
for a person like me would rather spend that amount of money on clothes that's not helping me grow in faith at all
how bad right..
ney noe me more than anyone else, that's y he brought me this!!
i enjoy reading it so much
appreacite it!!thanks you~
it draw me closer everyday to God's word..

What GOD gave ME

God gave me hands;
i use them to create a materpiece.
God gave me feet;
i use them to run toward Him.
God gave me ears;
i use them to hear the Truth.
God gave me a tongue;
i use it to spread the Word.
God gave me a mind;
i use it to choose between good and evil;
God gave me an angel;
i use them to guide me.
God gave me a heart;
i use it for love~
taken from the bible by Jessica Jones, 17~

to love is my biggest homework that God ask me to learn..
im trying day by day just to love people around me..
i luv u, God luv u too~~

Not more 21


finally today- my birthday~~
im sick!!!terrible flu attack me in this look-forward day of the year~~
celebrating with sniffle and tissue...and ended up fever!!!
haih--y so suai....
Thanks God.. at least i feel better today...can you finally guess whr hv we been in this picha??
haha..more hints..
dun misunderstand with the all the picha above
is not our pre-married photo k!!!
us wearing kimono for photo shooting at the Japanese village at Bukit tinggi!!
the place i wanted to go for so long~
thanks to my ney san!!funny photo...
the weather is good there...but im sniffling all the way~~so sad....until my head became senget..
after japanese village we went to Colmar Tropicale the place is beautiful!!!ney say this look like mv shoot..
clothes im wearing:
Shawl: Taiwan Cutie Fashio Spree
Shirt: Mooie Boutique, Bangsar
Waist Clincher: The Envelop
Skirt: December, Sungai Wang
Legging: Taiwan Wiwi Spree
Boots: Tanks, Sunway

there is no activity you can do there except photo shooting...
but we brought our stuff to have our own activity!!!
haha..a private poolside birthday celebration~~
Sparkling Juice (non-alcohol)
Cookies!!and the most important my birthday cupcakes from neyneyso cute right!!heart it so much and dun wan to eat it at that times
and ney make tis --potatoes salad..with chips
and we end our party!!and go back home for celebration with my family
ya..highway cafe a place that my family use to have western food thr..
its at serdang..a very old english restaurant..
we love their king prawn set with chop and sharkfin soup...*nice*
but i wun eat without goi with my dad
its too expensive~~for such a portion...
after the dinner i felt so sick...
so we rush back to cyber after taking medicine
i go to sleep...with fever
and sun, ash, yinle called me at b4 12 to wish me
and suddenly ppl knock on my door..and sing birthday song..
ya ccf..usual traditional for every birthday ccf'er
surprise by big bunch of brothers and sisters and 2 piece of secret receipt cake~~
everyone go through tis once a year unless you demand not to have..hahaha
but i appreciate and din aspect they come at that times..
thanks brothers and sisters...
last year i was busy with final assign and tis year im terribly they hv to make it fast
photo session, wishes, prayer everything done quick and clean in order to let me rest earlier..
sorry guys..i dunno wht happen with my birthday..haha..
i blurred my face..coz i dun look good at all...c the 1st picha i get up from bed can?nobody go to sleep in good condition sm more a im sick k..haha..
thanks you guys~~


p/s: how's my new template??nice???i personally like it vy much..kekeke...


D.I.Y (1)

everyone noe cyber's food is..
cheap=not nice
expensive= not tat nice too..
so me n ney prefer to cook ourself unless we r too bz with assign or no more ingredient to cook
our current favorite!!!its easy, breezy, hahha..clover girl...ANTM!!
cycle 11 is out~~ my reality show every Friday...
ok back to the topic its a package seaweed that make my life easier...
we come out our vy own recipe
this new product of seaweed u get it in any jusco outlet..for RM8.70 if im not mistaken
it come with various favorite..the one i brought is with olive oil and sesame..sound so healthy
at 1st we tot it kinda expensive for a package of snack..but the promoter aunty recommend us to match it with main meal...
and imagine we actually use this package of seaweed to match with rice for 3 meal u 3 not 1!! so RM8.70 divide to 3 is like RM2.90 for 2 person~~~~not adding the rice and others ingredient lar...
the 1st day we mix it with 五香肉丁。。if u noe its a pork's can food
its turn out so well...abit spicy from the pork and the crispiness of the match~~
ney say it taste like Korea rice dumpling...haha

then second try..tis time we match it
with egg, crab meat, hot dog, and bit fish ball..weird combination huh
its taste okay too...

and finally today
午餐肉and egg, seaweed again with rice..for today dinner...
its kinda dry though
but at least we settle our meal..since tat's the main purpose...

well the prefer match of coz go with 五香肉丁!!!you should try it..but i think dun eat it continuously coz its might sick of the same old taste...since the seaweed can be store so u can take one week to finish it..just like us~~~

D.I.Y (2)

an idea inspired by dianari a girl talented creative style
redesign pants with zipper~~
accidentally discovered that the sewing shop at serdang got whole lotsa vintage stuff and accessory for add-on on clothes..they have those really old vintage gold button, brooch and whole lotsa treasure to discover!!!and everything is like so cheap...
i get myself a really good quality of golden zipper with black cloth background for only RM1.50 for the mean 1st redesign idea is on my high waist short...
actually this is a vy ordinary short that my mum brought for me few year back to wear it at home...indeed i nvr wore it until the high waist is in trend
forget to take a picture of it unfold..its kinda long to my knee length..if i wear it out just like tat u might think im kisiao..
and its now upgrade to one of my favorite short by folding it upward making it shorter and match it with a belt...its look just like a paper bag short..
see how much i luv it i even match it for Phlox's photo shooting
so with the zipper i sew it both side of the pants
to fix the folding at the bottom which successfully bring more classy look to the pants match so well with my new belt!!!
haha..more more d.i.y coming in...

God bless~~