i need sleep!!!

arh..so many workload...i hate sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday!!!
tis the particular day im busy with lotsa lotsa assignment!!!!!
a equation for my "rush ness"...
Sunday + Monday = Tuesday submission or checkpoint
Tuesday = wednesday submission or consultation
wednesday = thursday...
arh..rush rush rush!!!!ya im a typical last-minutes FCM'er
i heart thursday, friday and saturday~~~although i still nid to deal with the project but much more relax...

get my miutmiut bubble talk fews day ago!!!
a customize one!!!my name on a bubble talk!!!
luv it..hahha
a little camwhore with it and being vain~~~
oh ya tis my new hair style..
how how??ok not?actually just normal bob short hair..nth special
notice the 2 light tone???im the 2 tones..hahha
time to sleep...


  1. haha!!wei long time din c u zi pai
    tot u throw away this habit liao
    getting more and more pretty!Nice hair style,babe!!bila come find me ar?Miss u sia~

    See how i often i visit you blog!
    imma kiminpink top reader!

  2. hehe..nice ar?*wink**wink*
    im vy vy busy ar..whr got time wor!!!
    Thx ar..when i get famous gv u a reward~~~haha

  3. wow!the site put ur photo tim!they pay u money?

  4. haha no lar..din earn money for tat..