Stuff to share...

will be having a make-up workshop for those who are interest in basic make up
please feel free to join us!!!
the workshop is totally FOC~~~

mayb u're doubting who is me having a workshop..haha
i dun even have any cert in make-up course
hahha...kinda guilty
just wanna share the make-up skill i have with those who nid it...
i start make-up at 15 of coz some basic thing like foundation, brushes, lash curler
then mascara, eye liner and lip-gross at 17
when 18 i go out with full make-up
ya it might sound wrong to u
but make-up like a drug for me
once u touch it, u nvr leave it whenever u're out to somewhr

when i enter uni started help others make up
people starting finding me to handle event make-up
this is the first event i handle
paiseh forget what event is this~
and this is fresh bottle music sharing night at 2006
me and my friend are dealing with 40 ppl's face
but it was really a good experience!!
and c that's me when im still fat and chubby



3rd event is a chinese traditional night
din have any picture for it....
i often use the money they hire me to invest on more make-up stuff
so i dun really earn any extra allowance from this
i enjoy helping others to look pretty
tis my little corner i do my own make-up every morning..

the latest project of coz is our Phlox Studio Make-over contest
click to view
the sample of basic make-up
my latest favorite

hope to c u thr~~~
God bless

U move i move everybody move

hahha..the slogan of uMove
uMove a magazine publish by CCC(Campus Christian Crusade)
who outsource us (shu wan, ney and me) be part of the design team
we manage to come out all the pages with various design
here are my work..

the magazine is given out to the freshly from all the uni in malaysia..
ops..its was last month...when orientation week..
im blogging it like a month after...haha
and last wednesday we were invited to an appreciation dinner from CCC
porridge steamboat at Sri kembangan...
and we are wearing the umove very striking tee...with er...choengsam collar...kinda weird combination..but the cutting is so good!!fit us the small head haha..
Thanks for the dinner!!!and thanks for giving us opportunity to serve God with our talent
i do enjoy serving God with what he had given to me for both uMove and aibenfang
because he give us different abilities to perform services in order to glorify His name...
how truth is His words...
But one and the same Spirit produces all of these, distributing them individually to each person as he wishes. Corinthians 12:11

God bless...

Random Photo

i hv nth special to update..
so here are some of the random photo took at alor setar and penang..

i need sleep!!! many workload...i hate sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday!!!
tis the particular day im busy with lotsa lotsa assignment!!!!!
a equation for my "rush ness"...
Sunday + Monday = Tuesday submission or checkpoint
Tuesday = wednesday submission or consultation
wednesday = thursday...
arh..rush rush rush!!!!ya im a typical last-minutes FCM'er
i heart thursday, friday and saturday~~~although i still nid to deal with the project but much more relax...

get my miutmiut bubble talk fews day ago!!!
a customize one!!!my name on a bubble talk!!!
luv it..hahha
a little camwhore with it and being vain~~~
oh ya tis my new hair style..
how how??ok not?actually just normal bob short hair..nth special
notice the 2 light tone???im the 2 tones..hahha
time to sleep...

Alor Star_Part Two

yaya chedet's house~
typical malay's windowtypical malay's shoot
actually they dun allow tourist to take picha and touch anything in the house
since there nobody follow us...hehe..we shoot as we could and touch as much as we can
then who know suddenly there a voice from the old microphone saying:" tuan tuan dan puan puan sila jangan ambil gambar dan sentuh barang-barang pameran"..we were so shock actually there are camera all over the house..someone in the control room been watching us
moral of the story: be obedience...hahaha..sound stupid
acting back yard Mahatir house, notice the toilet behind me
then we heading to the very crispy goreng pisang not Mahatir sell one lar but a chinese
never try chinese goreng pisang before
really really nice!!!
and the long waited fruits rojak...forget to eat this...they say is nice and sang yee favouritebefore heading to sang yee house for nap we went to bank ...
thanks for hosting us ya...
this is the girl's room which is actually his 2nd sister room..simple nice ikea'ish look
random bear in the room

after that another place for tourist spot....
sort of pelabuhan thing..for defend purpose...haha im not sure too
thanks to ypin's transport company
after tat we went to "ji tiao lo" means two streets...
a place where nice nice hawkers gather
meat roast bread...
the vy vy cheap karipuff...*nice*nice*then is the lok lok..much cheaper than KL...
but i prefer KL loklok's sauce...
next makan place
kinda weird combination: red bean campur milo...
oh ya...they like coconut much..and use it whenever they can...even in this jelly...
er..i hate it actually
in front of a place whr ppl play music instrument to their sultan..hahha
credit to fiona's story
we end this tiring day with discussion of penang trip....

P/s: arh...i HATE FYP.....
it not what i like to do!!!!!

Berry berry Straw Berry

back from sunway pyramid my favorite place recently
a place in sunway that u get prefect sunlight to camwhore!!

new dessert store in the house
special because everything is focus on Berry!!!!
the interior is simple and everything look vy clean n nice
their menu...the price is not tat high...
and the most important!!!i love strawberry~~~
stuff that we ordered...Berry yogurt jelly, berry chiller and berry ice-cream
Berry ice-cream with berry topping and crunchy cornflakes
me with the strawberry yogurt jelly!!!the prefect combination of sweet and sour
they strawberry is 100% real!!!because its sour!!!
my neyney with his new spec...nice nice..i gonna get my next week too!!!
my new hair style not really clear but the color is wht i had...

charm..lazy to update for the alor setar and penang d...
God bless