Phlox - the making of....

finally we finish our booth event in mmu
although its just onli 4days but it was so damn tiring...
our booth open after we finish our class on wednesday and thursday around 12 until 5smth
each phlox'er in charge of different things
other than selling our clothes we also do make-over and photograph section of all the make-over contestant
sound like im promoting it now
but it was end but we left several stocks to clear off
go here to help us with the rest of the clothes k...

im really thankful to all the members
you guys are really great

shevin- assitant director
such a tolerant and cheerful girl always willing to help
thanks for assist me all the times when come to decision kinda weak in tat..thanks thanks lotsa thanks to you enjoy all times with you~~

kaelynn- secretary
the sweet and hardworking secretary
thanks for all the effort on proposal, updated stock list, online trading, stock management and all the work...u had been doing so many things!!!big hug to you....

shuwan- the accountant
disclipine and well manage girl
thanks for helping us dealling with all the money trading, noe its a new thing for you but you really really did a very good job...oh ya thanks for the daily sales report!!!really proffesional...

yonpin- the creative director
depend on feeling and joker among us
thanks for making us laugher you bring to us and all the art work you did, decorating booth, logo design, pinjam things and hard sell the clothes...

yeekuan- assistant of creative director
obedient and helpful
thanks for the flyers design and assiting yonpin for all the work, and thanks for the hair curler and ur curler skills...Thanks

suzie- logistic director..
helpful and franky girl
thanks for all the logistic stuff you had done the booth booking, prop lending without your help... we would't have such a good place to open our booth!!!and thanks for always willing to gv ur helping hand...thanks~~~~

ney a.k.a ming- art director
kindhearted and patient
thanks for always remind me of doing charity...haha...jk lar...thanks ney for all the photo shooting and editing stuff...thanks you bring us nicey picture...hhhehe...all being there for me when i feel stressful and busy..muackx...

and lastly
i felt really grateful to God
HE gives me such a opportunity to learn and build my leadership
alhtough im not a good leader but i really learn lotsa lotsa things from this project
someone might think cyberP is a useless subject but i look forward to take tis subject 2 years back, i always wanted to own a business
i noe God give me this chance, to see whether my ambition of owning a boutique is suitable for me
hahha...but im not quite sure after all of this
Thanks God, thanks phlox'er

Special thanks to.....

faiz(our pro photographer)

xiaoyan(our official model)(our male makeover model)
yue er..(our female makeover model)thanks thanks!!!

this post not suppose to be smth sentimental but i ended up like tis...
hehe is wht i do at our booth!!!

hard selling presure someone to buy smth is really the hardest task in owning a business!!!!
do make up for customer...the best part for me!!!enjoy~~~
be one of the live mannequins!!tis is really hard for me...especially we i met people i noe...
helping customer to pose for their photo-shooting, making sure they are in good condidtion
kepo kepo wanna pose with the model ..she is our 1st make-over customer!!
i even cut someone hair!!luckily i dun failed it...
play among our hairdo provided!!!ain't i a good boss..hahha

steal from kaelynn's blog

when tired sometimes i will sit like tis...kaki terkangkang....
giving out appreciate gift to our model!!....(y ar i smile like tat)
all the our booth!!!
the Phlox'er!!!!

God bless....

God is GREAT!!!!

God is doing all sort of great thing around us...
wonderful work that with man power will not be complete
with Him all things are possible
feel thankful becoz when im stressful and busy
i had a you, my lord to led my burden down, because..
Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Philippians 3-6

He call his child to work for him build up ministry to glorify his name
and the ministry did lotsa great work with help from God..such as
SOP- Stream of praise
last last week i was thr in their Asia Tour to Malaysia
it was my first time go to Christianity Band Concert
was totally awesome
their song, the spiritual atmosphere, their passion through song to reach people
everything was great, every song touched our heart we feel God present and how he love us goi to another concert tis week
its Passion World Tour 08
looking forward
mayb is God plan for me not go to pangkor ID trip which also departing this weekend
but to build my spiritual though Passion
i wanna grow wanna grow in Christ!!
P.s: i hv my new disciple chun ying!!!

after song song ...ain't they look alike??hhaha

with love,


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今天开始做report 1
明天开张做生意做Mood board, retouch project






Stay tune....

been a tiring and exhausted week
but it was fun and something i really like to do
enjoying it vy vy much...




surveying location
gather for discussion
buried our self into clothes...even though the cupboard is small
be friends with Manikin
reward ourself with good food...arrange buys and bidding for price...
waiting for our production...
taking photo in the 50cents toilet at art market
ironing clothes...
testing out clothesphoto shooting section
advising clothes to wear...
making-up ...



can you roughly guess what we are gonna do???

click here for your answer

stay tune on our first collection!!!
**pictures credit to phloxstudio

❤❤❤25th Month❤❤❤

time flies
things change
the only thing remain is
i still have you

haven write anything abt us here for sm times ledy
really Thanks God that we have go this far
without His guide and leading us all the way
our relationship might not last this long

i noe im being unreasonable and frustrated some of the times
but some times i really need to express my feeling
maybe for you its not something big or important
anyway thanks you for always bear with me
always listen to me and trying to change the things i dun like

you're really a good boyfriend
this is what i never denied of
your patient is the greatest gift from God to me
thanks ney thanks you

i noe im not a good girlfriend
im emotionalism i cant control my temper well especially to you
sorry ney i praying to God on this matter
give me some times ya

i love you, love you so much
cant imagine life without you
you've become an important part in my life
i dunno how God want us to be in future
but now i noe i have you
i will appreciate you like you're goi to die tomorrow k??same to u ya...
(though sound bit weird but you noe wht i mean right?..keke) ya so much