House Tour

We moved in to our own rented hdb for 3 months already!
Cost a bomb for us but its all worthy for our little family to grow.. since we still have long way to go in order to get our own house in Singapore..but who know where we ended up after 3 years..
always amaze with how God lead us..hubby in second company in Singapore which gives him a better career prospects, i'm not a career women as long as he is happy im wiling to follow wherever he decide to pursue his career even if he finally decide to go back to KL helping up family long as we are together..
back to the topic so this is our humble little house in Singaland for at least 2 years
living room..i like the brightness and touch of vintage of the old windows 
no we don't have curtain since the sunlight is just nice and why waste money..since only 2 house sharing one lift so not much people pass by our corridor so we have enough privacy
only sofa is from the landlord we have to buy our TV, console, and my anniversary gift from hubby 'future nursing chair' (ya i know its not the proper one but i love the design)
Dinning area which is my favourite corner of all
got the dining chair shipped from taobao in very affordable price reuse my previous computer desk as dinning table.. save money and everyone who came love the lightbulb..
then kitchen landlord have it designed like a professional kitchen with all stainless steel cabinet
i don't quite like it when we first came for house viewing too rusty of my liking 
but after cleaning the place and re-arrange everything i find it easy to maintain 
then is the master bedroom that divide to 4 part which consists the bedroom area, dressing area, walk-in wardrobe and the toilet and now we spilt one more area in the bedroom for baby Chloe
Common room that we use it as guest room and study area also a common bathroom at the kitchen area which i lazy to take photos of..
generally i like this place very much! money well spend as ill be spending the important part of our life raising up a baby..
Daddy please continue work hard for us ok! We love you~

The Final Trimester

People in the office have been commenting that i've been pregnant forever!
every Monday morning when they see me they will go like "Hey why are you still here?" , "When are you going to rest and give birth?" 
but to me times really flies and here i am at Week 37 to be exact we have 2 weeks and 4 day left till the EDD! Baby Chloe is now at correct position weighing at 2.6kg but not fully engage yet according to our Doctor she will still stay in there for another week or two but to be safe i got my hospital bag packed and baby clothes washed.. I'm ready anytime when you ready, baby
This is last week for me at work, I'm going off for my 3 months maternity leave and i can't wait for that! travelling to work is really tiring for me as my bump is really big and heavy 
also i'm extra clumsy, 2 weeks ago i fall down at home when i step out of the washroom..scare die me 
i hurt my knee but Thanks God didn't touched my bump and baby still active and kicking  

These are the symptoms i'm having now at this stage
Pelvin Pain - nothing new but getting worst whenever i stand from siting its hurt so bad! and finally i know why every pregnant lady have the same walking pattern and i now walk like that too! holding my back and super slow with my steps
Insomnia - especially after my midnight toilet break, i read this somewhere "Mother Nature’s way to prepare you for the sleepless nights ahead" like seriously? i'm now trying my best to catch up as much sleep as i can now but this mother's instinct thing is keeping me awake?
Same weight- since week 33! I'm worried the first time in my life i worry of not gaining weight but doctor say is fine as long as baby is gaining and okay. Many women don’t gain any weight at all during the last month.
Can't stop drooling at night - this is weird hahaha.. but yeah 

// bump at week 36 //

I couldn't be thankful enough to God how He have blessed us throughout the whole pregnancy..especially after reading so many cases of miscarriage at different stage of pregnancy, i'm so sad when i saw this news of a lady i followed in instagram, she bring me smile whenever she post picture of her bump her joy can be read from her captions and i enjoy every single post of her so much.. after a few months when i remember to check her out again in IG and found out she loss her baby at week really affected me and feel so sad for her and make me realise it's all depend on God's plan and mercy from the beginning baby is the gift from God, He can give and take it back matter how careful a mother is to protect the baby in the womb anything can happen.. all we can do is to pray and surrender also cherish every moment baby is in bump safety! Continue praise for this miracle that God gives us! 

Maternity Shoot by Papier Hat

I'm glad that we have our maternity shoot earlier at 6 months..because i look way chubbier and uglier now.. despite all the sweat and tiredness of the shoot since it's an outdoor shoot, it's all worthy looking at the outcome! love their approach of props arrangement and editing! 
so happy to have this moment captured and will definitely show these batch of her still in my belly!

Thanks for capturing this beautiful photos Papier Hat