Desperate Grandpa

Actually i post it this in dayre and i feel like sharing here too.. Today I'm gonna tell you how desperate is my dad! Before this I never know my father like kids.. But after I got married he have been asking when am I getting baby or start planning for one since the fist day! sometimes don't know why he will feel very geram scold me why so stupid married but don't want baby! 

#1 He have been bugging me this question at every dinner, lunch and breakfast.. Especially when there's other ppl around he will emphasize more on this topic, there's once we having dinner with in law he ask my in law do they know when we having baby? How they will know! They don't even dare to ask us! And he asked them to encourage us to start trying and planing 

#2 whenever he overheard me n my mum conversation about others babies he will cut in from nowhere and asked when are you start talking about ur own baby rather than others!! 

#3 we in the mall and a mum pass by with a stroller.He will say hey you see very shiok ler people can push stroller, don't you think so?!? Pass by mothercare!See people busy buying baby stuff and you forever buying your own so not boring meh? 

#4 He then realize all these method doesn't work he try to bribe me! He say he will buy us a expensive stroller that is the Ferrari in the baby stroller world, a good baby cot, 1 year supply of milk powder got valid date some more this offer valid until nov 2015! Meaning I have to conceive now if I wanna have all theses sponsored! Haha got so desperate ornot this grandfather! 

We actually have a plan but we didn't tell him and we're glad we did! we have enjoyable 2 years living as a couple enjoy life going travel and be able to move for better career path.. i strongly believe these are wonderful plan from God! now we're more stable in financial

innisfree Purchase

innisfree, one of my favourite shop here in SG for beauty product

i love their mask and tools 
the eyelash curler is the bomb! so cheap yet so good! 
ok this is my favourite of all lip tint in bright orange red
i got so many compliment when i apply on my lip! a lot of people ask me where i got it from 
and i've been using it a lot! like at least 3 times a week..its stay on lips for long hour and don't dry out lips! 
this is how i look in this lip tint 
their mask are made from fresh ingredient i can use it for 2 days 
and the comb is random buy not bad too! 
the pricing is very affordable and there's always new GWP to give away with a min of purchase.
can't wait for my Korea trip to come so i can sapu more of their stuff!

Giveaway + Canmake Juicy Pure Eyes & Stay On Balm Review!

Latest products from Canmake launch in Malaysia!

 Juicy Pure Eyes that come in 4 different shade
Each palette contains 3 neutral tone of eyeshadow! 
It's a oil-rich formula eyeshadow that enhances translucence and maintains the dewy look, fitting oil helps colors cling to your eyelids, without powder scatter! i never know that! 
the Cushion powder helps colors glide gently over your eyelid.

i personally only prefer neutral shade when come to eyeshadow you can simply create daily natural look or smokey eye for dinner or event 
so when i got to know this new palette from canmake im very happy! becuse this is kind of eyeshadow i will only buy to use and each color are nice and blend easy 
as for my pick i choose 02 Happy Sunny Brown the eyeshadow is really pigmented the god is really shinny and shimmering!

here how i normally apply my eyeshadow
1. apply color 1 which is the gold to the whole of eye socket
2. then apply 2 the brown on the edge of the eye then blend it nicely with color 1 
3. then use the ball of finger pat color 3 on the middle of the 2 color 

pretty easy right? just 3 steps! then i use canmake liquid eyeliner to line my eye 

Stay-on Balm Rouge
i personally never try canmake lip product before this is my one and first time
i love it! it's really moisture! i try it today at work.. whole day surprisingly no broken lip as usual! i think it's because of the fomula of super-rich oils enfold your lips like a silken robe that Creates a thin film that clings flexibly to your lips, for a comfortable, non-sticky feeling that lasts and lasts.i must say this is very true! no lie ok!

08 Juicy Peony is the new color that just came to Malaysia
you know what is totally OK to apply directly, even to dry, chapped lips and you'll be amazed by how smoothly it goes on, even without applying lip balm first! Stay-on balm contains beautifying and moisturizing agents and UV protection that keeps your lips plump, soft and moist while wearing it.

Go get your own Canmake Juicy Pure Eyes & Stay On Balm from any SASA outlet!

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